Who We Are

Who We Are

The Vision

Building a contemporary medical media sphere, expressing a true will for a better health, which reflect and meet citizens wish to receive  integrated  culture in accordance with international standards organizing human’s right to live in a healthy environment, and benefiting from the revolution of information and communication.


The Message

* Free flow of information

Bringing awareness to citizen about his/her rights and duties in the health field

Developing national and human sense that health and the various aspects of medical care is one the foundations for nations advancement and progress

Reinforcing principles of transparency, responsible dialogue and objectivity in promoting health culture.

Respect for mind, the truth and human dignity.

Encouraging the use of modern communication means for knowledge, and providing a truthful media image about Jordan as history and civilization.


The Goals

Reinforcing loyalty to the country and raising awareness about health culture.

Using mass media for knowledge in the medical field, forming public opinion and attitudes, and spreading atmospheres of democracy

Establishing rules of communication in order to make medical services one of the pillars of national economy.

Informing the public about government policies, plans, and strategies in the field of health care, and criticizing it in a constructive way, and making greater space for the other opinion.


Dr. fayez abu hmeidan

Publisher and COB

rania lsmail
Executive director
Email: rania@hakeemnews.com


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